Senior decision makers in government and across public sector organizations face significant challenges. These include reduced budgets and pressure on front-line services, as well as striving to meet the demands of a wide range of stakeholders.

KPMG’s A&F team provides advisory services to government departments and state bodies.

We have significant experience working to help government and the broader semi-state sector assess policy options, deliver efficiencies and drive operational and cost effectiveness. We’d be delighted to discuss how we can assist you with challenges particular to the public sector.

Key Success Stories

Setting up intercompany and department segments

The firm’s client, a financial regulatory authority, requested enhancement to the chart of account by adding two segment values, intercompany and department, to enable the chart of accounts to capture the intercompany and department information.
The client requested assistance in resolving unreconciled items related to bank account and intercompany transactions, to ensure accurate opening balances, starting in January 2020.

KPMG analyzed the existing chart of accounts with respect to potential intercompany and department segments.

KPMG designed a technology tool which assisted in the integration of intercompany and department segments codes into the current ERP system.

Cash to accrual accounting conversion

The firm’s client, a leading utility service provider, wished to establish financial policies in line with leading practices.
The client faced challenges such as undergoing a transition from a cash to accrual basis of accounting, development of a detailed accounting manual, and training of accounts staff based on the revised accounting framework.

KPMG assisted the client with:

• Developing a customized approach for reviewing the existing accounting framework to facilitate the transition from a cash to accrual basis of accounting
• Creating comprehensive finance and accounting procedure manuals
• Establishing a permanent project office at the client’s office to manage close monitoring
• Conducting a two-week program to train accounts staff on the revised accounting framework and IT system

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