Our dynamic and growing team

Our team initiatives

At KPMG, we strongly believe in giving back. Bearing this in mind, our team has launched the following CSR initiatives:

Smart Woman

In collaboration with the SmartLife Foundation, this project is exclusively designed by women for women. Connecting our KPMG volunteers with women from labor camps, the sessions aim to discuss topics of interest, such as cooking, photography and other subjects.

Smart Reading

In collaboration with the SmartLife Foundation, SmartReading connects KPMG volunteers with blue collar workers to encourage reading and overall development. The project includes a module which teaches English.

Special Olympics

The A&F team is collaborating closely with the CSR committee. We encourage you to volunteer for the Special Olympics partnership, where the aim is to integrate athletes with intellectual disabilities in STEM education and leadership roles.

Send your resume to ae-fmafrecruitment@kpmg.com