One thing has not changed since we published the first chapter of this year’s KPMG Agribusiness Agenda in June, it remains hard to know where to start to take advantage of the opportunities present in the food and fibre sector.

The first chapter of this year’s Agenda identified six priorities from our conversations with industry leaders to drive growth and enhance resilience for New Zealand’s food and fibre sectors. We have taken these themes and talked to a range of organisations from across the sector to learn about the actions they have taken to not only survive but grow and prosper over the last three pandemic-impacted years, which is the basis for the insights in chapter two of this years Agenda.

Thank you to the following organisations who shared their insights as to how they are thriving through volatility: Arepa, AgriSea, First Light Foods, T&G Global Limited, Chia Sisters, Lake Hawea Station, AgResearch, The New Zealand Food Network, Meat the Need, and New Zealand Zero (NZ0).

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