There are so many priority issues facing the food and fibre sector today that it is no surprise the first comment at our first roundtable was, “Now, where do we start?” This year we also found that no single theme or trend stood out amongst the many sector leader conversations we had in preparing the 2022 KPMG Agribusiness Agenda.

The juxtaposition of circumstances is the narrative underpinning this first chapter of the 2022 Agenda. This year’s Agenda tells us a story of an industry that is muddled; both opportunity-packed and risk burdened by high highs and almost as low lows. But it also tells us of an industry where each leader is busy fighting through the fatigue we wrote about in our 2021 Agenda to show the resolve and resilience necessary to identify and catch opportunities flying at them from various directions.

Deciding to focus on the factors within our control is one call we can make. Given the returns being generated across many parts of the sector, it should be an easy decision - for once the cash is available to invest in the future. So where do we start? The priority should be to focus on the factors that are currently within our control, many of which are explored in this year’s Agenda.

Agribusiness Agenda 2022 - Highlights

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