The last few weeks have really changed the landscape and assumptions in which companies and governments operate. After taking urgent actions for the safety of the people and operations as well as acting on the sanction policies, now security of supply in the broad-sense is back on the table and investment decision require more aspects than only the economic principles. On the energy market the energy transition and decarbonization is competing with the short term high prices/affordability and security of supply, or is this just an accelerator for the energy transition including local renewable generation? Many companies face an increase of overall input-cost and the cost of supply chain execution which cannot always be compensated by price-increases. The current global disruptions force companies to rethink and segment their Supply chain set-up, anticipate future scenarios and become more resilient to the swings in Demand and Supply, as the new normal. Michael Quigley, Global Geopolitics Manager, Johan Smits, Supply Chain leader and Jaap van Roekel, Energy sector leader within KPMG will be debating these and other issues in the following webinar at Wednesday April 6th at 10.00 am. Please join us! 

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