CSM Bakery Solutions was a major supplier of bakery ingredients (e.g. bakery fats, bread ingredients, fi llings, icings, toppings, etc.) and bakery products (e.g. brownies, cookies, cupcakes, muffi ns, donuts, etc.). CSM Bakery Solutions took the decision to sell its European Ingredients business to private equity firm Investindustrial, effectively splitting the company in half.

For CSM’s IT department under CIO Stephan Mahler, this promised to be a very complex operation. The local SAP systems in the various European countries were not centralised, and from an IT point of view, there was no real distinction between the Ingredients and Products activities. How then would it be possible to disentangle these activities in the IT landscape within only seven months? How could Mr. Mahler make sure that both new entities-tobe – CSM Ingredients and BAKER & BAKER – would have fully operational IT systems in place from the day after the actual cut-off? One of the parties Mr. Mahler turned to for support was KPMG Advisory.

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