KPMG has announced that it is selling Crimsonwing BV to IT service provider Conclusion. In doing so, we are parting with around 60 colleagues from the Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) unit who are mainly active in the area of Microsoft Dynamics software implementations. Our Microsoft services remain as important to us as before. As such, we will be further expanding our Microsoft activities in the light of comprehensive digital transformations at our clients, who are generally active in the high-end enterprise segment, whereas Crimsonwing operates primarily in the mid-market.

Experience shows that system integration activities can largely take place independently of location. We are therefore opting to expand our Global KPMG Delivery Networks (KDN) at a worldwide level. This means the growth in our system integration activities will be structured differently.

Our 60 Dutch colleagues will be welcomed by Conclusion, which has a strong position in the Dutch IT market with an ecosystem that now numbers 27 expert companies. The IT professionals of the former KPMG firm Crimsonwing will have every opportunity to further develop their expertise within the new Conclusion MBS entity.

We are continuing to invest in our important relationship with Microsoft.There is a reason why  KPMG is a Microsoft top 3 global alliance partner with more than 6000 Microsoft experts. We help our clients with integrated digital transformation projects in the field of workplace management, business applications, data management, security, artificial intelligence and transitions to a cloud environment.

We naturally we wish our colleagues in the MBS team every success with their new employer!

Please contact Colin Hanekamp for more information.