Based on several investigations, a government organization has updated its strategy with the aim of becoming more agile and resilient, focused on customer centricity, and where employees continue to develop as part of a professional culture. Several change initiatives are already running to make the strategy happen. Examples of these changes are the company-wide implementation of strategic portfolio management, tactical product management, (scaled) Agile, engineering culture aspects and DevOps automation. At team level, the client has clearly adopted an agile/scrum way of working based on the SAFe framework.


For years, these changes have been initiated, however, executed as siloed activities lacking implemention across departments. Therefore, the intended results and value could not be realized. Management decided to take a more directive approach to these change initiatives and to drive them as an organizational transformation. The client asked KPMG to help design, setup, and execute this connected transformation.

The Solution

While this organization has already adopted an agile way of working at team level, the Transformation Delivery Approach is particularly suitable for this client situation. The client has adopted the SAFe framework at the team level, so we have tailored the naming of the adopted assets accordingly. The following elements of the framework have been applied.

agile framework elements