Digitisation is a strategic issue for many companies. A condition for digitisation is control of structured and unstructured data. This calls for a clear approach. It involves answering questions such as: what data do we need to control, how should we configure our organisation accordingly, what is the most critical data and what do we need to do in order to improve data management? In a narrow sense, data governance is about policy and direction. In a broad sense it is about a company-wide vision and approach to the management of all data within the organisation.

KPMG has wide-ranging experience of conducting strategic data management analyses. We benchmark businesses based on proven international data management models. Together with the company, we define its aims. We develop a roadmap that gives it a clear picture of phased implementation, a data strategy, business case and data programmes, which together contribute to achieving its business strategy.

We offer a total solution for Data Governance and have specific expertise in the relevant data types and disciplines. Our approach includes the use of automated surveys that facilitate faster insights and implementation. This avoids unnecessary time being lost on inventories and validations. 

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