Designing, improving, documenting and maintaining the data architecture is becoming ever more important for businesses. This is partly the result of an increased desire to access data, integrate data sources and exchange data with external parties and legal requirements for insight into data flows within the organisation.

Having and maintaining up-to-date data models is one of the foundations of data architecture. Data models are essential for designing information systems. Once designed, they help identify attributes and datasets, which is an invaluable aid for unlocking data sources.

We observe that many companies have lost their capabilities in data modelling techniques and meta data management. Thanks to our partnerships with technology providers, we can help businesses unlock databases in order to profile data and make automated lineages of data flows. Enabling them to comply with the requirements of Solvency II, IFRS and BCBS 239, for example.

KPMG also has extensive experience of advising on and developing big data platforms that bring together data from different sources.

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