Many organizations are currently using technology to improve their processes in front-, mid- and back office in order to meet customer demands. Insights in how processes are performing in reality is key to make the necessary improvements. Process Mining is one of the main catalysts for that initiative.

The world of business is changing, and it is moving faster every day. To keep up, executives need to make major business decisions more quickly, more accurately and driven by more data than ever before. With all that information to identify, collect, and filter, the pace of these decisions overtakes the human ability to make them. KPMG can help clients meet this challenge.

Factual analyses of business processes

When dealing with the impact of digital transformation within an organization, one of the biggest challenges is understanding how processes are actually being executed.

Process experts often design processes expecting that their execution will be faithful to the design. However, designs tend to be incomplete and not executable in practice, and people often overlook or bypass designed processes and work in silo’s. These challenges are more prevalent than ever due to digital transformation programs, adoption of global business services, and the introduction of bots and (other) artificial intelligence into the business processes.

Process mining offers a set of novel tools and techniques for the factual analysis of business processes. It takes process execution data available in the underlying information systems and maps and visualizes how the processes have been executed in reality. In this manner, process mining helps you to remove all assumptions and guesswork from processes. 

Getting value out of data using process mining

Process mining is process and system agnostic, it can be used to analyse a wide range of processes, from back-office to customer-facing processes. This feature provides the flexibility to leverage process mining in various use case areas. Examples are process optimisation, process automation, ERP implementation, system migration, internal/external audit, and many more.

With that in mind, KPMG offers a number of solutions that are designed to help your organization get the maximum value out of your data. Our solutions are tailored to assist in various areas within your business, ranging from logistics and production, through accounting and finance, to IT services and HR.

Porcess mining

Why using KPMG process mining solutions

KPMG builds process mining solutions that combine the analytical and the operational into one intelligent layer. These solutions improve understanding of execution gaps within your business and take immediate automatic action to remove them. The KPMG solutions powered by process mining are designed with user-specific views for each role in the organization, giving insight into their daily operations and the possibility to adjust priorities to changing needs.

  • We have one of the largest teams of data scientists and consultants specialized in process mining. 
  • We have a broad service offering covering transformation programs, shared service center optimization, business process excellence, compliance monitoring, and robotics and process automation. 
  • KPMG has strong experience in incorporating process mining technology for efficient management of process risk and compliance. We link process mining with the requirements of first and second lines of defense. 
  • We know and work closely with all process mining vendors. 
  • We have a strategic global partnership with Celonis to deliver business integration services and out of the box content based on our experience in the field.

Talk to our experts

KPMG has developed robust solutions to help clients around the world harness their data, along with the tools to apply it efficiently and accurately. These solutions range from tax to audit to advisory, and across multiple sectors, using KPMG professionals’ expertise to turn data into insights into value and drive businesses into the future.

Do you want to know more about process mining at KPMG and how we can help your organization? Feel free to contact us.

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