Compliance management is more than seeking to comply with legislation and regulations with the right working processes and risk measures. What ensures that compliance is properly anchored in the business model are aspects related to internal culture and behaviour, combined with clear rules, a properly configured compliance function and implementable associated procedures and processes. Compliance is a matter for the whole organisation and extends far beyond the reality on paper.

Long-term advantage

Compliance is no longer a preference, it is a requirement. Non-compliant behaviour is becoming ever more expensive given more vigilant regulators and an increasingly critical society. Moreover, in many cases optimum control of compliance risks yields efficiency gains, so saving you costs. In addition, being aware of and effectively implementing new or amended legislation and regulations gives you the opportunity for product development and process optimisation to improve your services. As a result, businesses can secure a long-term competitive advantage. Innovative compliance solutions will become the norm within monitoring and control activities. In the process, we will leave the paper era further and further behind us.

Added value

KPMG Compliance has been providing tools for compliance officers, risk and first-line managers and executives to help them design, configure, anchor and improve internal compliance since 2001. We are experienced, specialised and motivated to help businesses with this challenge. What sets KPMG Compliance apart is that we take account of human behaviour first and foremost in our compliance services. We believe that compliance officers can deliver maximum added value in their roles as guardians of the integrity of the organisation if they are not distracted by having to perform unnecessary administrative actions. We offer optimum support with innovative instruments, example solutions, new insights and knowledge of legislation and regulations in order to achieve maximum results and help you deliver your company’s strategy and future vision.

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