Valuations serve a very important role within the context of a deal, a valuation can be required for fiscal or external purposes, or to provide management with deeper insight into the key value drivers of the company and helping them to anticipate future complexities. Valuations are often contentious, requires in-depth market knowledge as well as deep regulatory and legal understanding.

Our team of highly skilled valuation specialists listens to your needs, and advices in a manner whereby the ideal mix of analysis, experience and professional judgement is found. As subject matter specialists, we are inherently interested in the technical aspects of valuations and financial modelling, but we pride ourselves in remaining pragmatic and in delivering a clear and simple to understand message. Through the use of sophisticated data analytic tools and visual dashboarding, we provide you with the right insights into complex valuation matters.   

Our team is a key member of KPMG’s global valuation community, with direct access to more than 1,200 dedicated valuation specialists and thought leaders, advising in various industries in more than 70 countries around the word.

Strategic valuations

We offer support with strategic valuations, among others, in the context of:

  • The purchase and sale of businesses or business units;
  • ‘Delisting’ a company;
  • Mergers between companies;
  • Management buy-outs of some or all of the shares in a company;
  • Accountability to shareholders and other stakeholders (fairness opinions and second opinions);
  • Disputes between shareholders;
  • Fund valuations;
  • Strategic value management (identifying opportunities for value creation).

Tax/Accounting valuations

With respect to tax and accounting valuations examples of our services consist of:

  • Independent valuation of intellectual property, complete businesses or particular operational activities;
  • Valuation to support the financing structure of an international deal;
  • Support with coordination of the valuation with the tax authorities (where necessary we will work closely with our colleagues at KPMG Meijburg);
  • Performing Purchase Price Allocations 1;
  • Support with impairment testing;
  • Valuation of employee options plan;
  • Determining ‘Incremental Borrowing Rates’;
  • Determining the fair value of investments/portfolios.

For accounting valuations, our team is closely aligned to the accounting specialists of KPMG’s Capital Markets Accounting Advisory Services team.

1 Prior to a transaction, a so-called Pre-Purchase Price Allocation can also be carried out in order to gain insight into the impact on the financial statements of the acquiring party.

Financial modelling

Whilst financial modelling is at the core of all our valuation services, in addition we also provide stand-alone financial modelling services. The growing business environment has become more complex, and having access to a dynamic financial model, with the capability to generate a number of likely scenarios, has become a non-negotiable for management. Having the right financial models in place enables management to timely observing key performance drivers, ultimately allowing them to make the right strategic choices. Our modelling specialists have extensive experience in developing custom-made financial models, in order to support you in the strategic decision-making process. In addition to developing models our specialists can also support you with the review of your existing models.