Facing an increasingly complex and rapidly changing global landscape, organizations must continuously adapt their sourcing strategies. In the KPMG Sourcing Trend Radar 2024, we offer our perspective on the sourcing marketplace, compiled from our hands-on fieldwork experience and insights gained from clients and service providers worldwide. This publication reflects on key trends from both a Digital (IT) and Business Process sourcing perspective.

Our goal is to empower leaders to navigate sourcing challenges with confidence. Whether you are interested in the rise of ESG-incorporated sourcing, how geopolitics can affect your sourcing model or how AI is reshaping business processes and service delivery, the KPMG Sourcing Trend Radar 2024 is a clear compass, guiding on future sourcing trends. We trust that the insights presented can support your organizational endeavors and invite you to delve deeper into these trends with the assistance of our sourcing experts.

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