KPMG was pleased to organize an exclusive networking event for emerging leaders in the Energy & Natural Resources (ENR) sector on 25 November at the Dutch Marine Energy Center (DMEC). This event focused on creating new connections and discussing how the Dutch energy sector is evolving towards a gas-free future.

The Netherlands and European countries, in general, rely on gas for energy production and energy storage. Given the current dynamics of the Dutch energy sector, there is a need to move away from this energy source. The aim is to replace gas with a diversity of low-carbon energy sources.

Shifting away from gas to renewable energy is not without its difficulties. Seasonal fluctuations in power capacity of renewable energy sources and rapid changes in energy generation and consumption have become challenges for our infrastructure. Each minute, the European grid must accurately balance energy supply and demand to reconcile production and consumption. As a result, many parties in the electricity distribution system need to work together to create solutions and make this transition possible. All players, from incumbent companies to innovative startups, from municipalities to government, have a crucial role to play.

Context of the event

Recognizing the need to bring experts and leaders together, KPMG organized an exclusive networking event to provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange perspectives on the energy transition.

The agenda offered a combination of lectures, panel discussions and Q&As in a unique setting. This interactive approach provided an opportunity for peers to connect with each other and exchange insights on how to address sector challenges. The keynote presentation was held by the Head of M&A and Ventures of Eneco, Arieke Boersen, who emphasized the need to work together in taking action on the energy transition.

Afterwards, Stan de Ranitz, Director of Strategy in ENR at KPMG, facilitated an interactive panel discussion. This debate addressed the challenges of responsibility and innovative solutions that will help accelerate the energy transition. Participating in the discussion were panel members from Skoon Energy (Peter Paul van Voorst), Essent (Joris van Dam) and Energiecoöperatie Gooise Meren Wattnu (Miel Janssen).

Lastly, DMEC (Benjamin Lehner) gave a presentation on recent technological developments in the marine energy sector. He outlined how such solutions could further diversify carbon-free energy generation in the Netherlands.

Key takeaway

Better cooperation between all actors of the energy sector is needed to realize the energy transition and move quickly and efficiently to a carbon-free ecosystem. The European energy ecosystem, and within it the Dutch ecosystem, is characterized by complex relationships and transactions among vastly different parties with diverse perspectives and constraints. Promoting exchange between these parties helps build trust, understanding and align efforts across the sector. In the end, transformative innovations come from the integration of multiple value-adding activities across the value chain.

Future recurring networking events for emerging ENR leaders will be held to continue bringing parties together and grow a community of peers. The aim is to build trust and create new connections to power the energy transition. The next networking event will be held in the first half of 2023 to further inspire each other, strengthen connections, and establish new ones. If you are interested in our work on the energy transition, you can find more information here


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Director, Digital Strategy

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Senior Manager, Digital Strategy

KPMG in the Netherlands

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