Angélique van Oortmarssen

Privacy consultant

KPMG Nederland

Angélique is a privacy consultant at KPMG Cyber and has a legal background. Before she joined KPMG, Angélique  gained work experience in the privacy field at two government agencies and a consulting firm specialized in privacy management. Angélique has experience with different sorts of consultancy activities, both on behalf of (semi)government organizations as well as commercial companies.

Datafication is the steam engine of the 21st century. Therefore it is getting more and more important to integrate privacy in a good manner within all the tools, business processes and projects throughout the whole organization. Organizations can use privacy as their unique selling point and distinghuish themselves positively from competitors. Angélique finds it interesting to integrate privacy in a good ‘by design’-manner in de various business processes, among which the innovation with data, and to see which concrete legal, organizational and technical measures are necessary in this respect.

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