Redmer Greveling


KPMG in the Netherlands

Since September 2018, after having worked for three years as director of operations in a large healthcare and educational institution, I have rejoined KPMG in the role of partner. Thanks to this experience, I am able to put issues in perspective, give concrete advice and really help organizations move forward. I quickly understand complex issues and know how to translate them in an understandable way. Always in a personal way and with humor – I am therefore accessible to you.

I work closely on the subject matter, with an eye for quality and I can be approached with regard to content and progress. During the checks I am often present on location, I work together with the managers and I am continuously involved.

I have a strong affinity with IT and data analysis. I have experience with customers with a diverse IT landscape, where good coordination of activities and systems is essential. I am well acquainted with the laws and regulations of the healthcare sector; as co-chair of the sector group KPMG Healthcare, I am actively responsible for translating developments in the sector (for example from Coziek and the RJ working group) into consequences for clients and control.

  • Controle
  • Gezondheidszorg
  • Overheid en publieke sector
  • Strategie
  • Technologische innovatie

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