The decision has been taken: you are going to transform digitally as an organisation. Assisted by the Target Operating Model, you laid the foundation for your organisation of the future. KPMG's Powered Execution Suite allows you to build the house on that foundation quickly and effectively, because the process is structured, well-prepared, extensively documented and therefore extremely predictable.

If transforming your organisation is like building a house, your operating model is a bit like the sum of the zoning plan and your design. The model dictates the rules you follow and shows exactly what your house will look like and what materials you need.

However, having a goal and a materials list is not enough. Anyone building a house knows that it needs a roof, but you should also have a step-by-step plan that says the roof only comes after the walls. It is also best to lay your floor before you start plastering, which is why you need a structured plan from A to Z.

Digital contractor

The Powered Execution Suite is your digital contractor: it picks up the materials and tools you need, and it monitors the schedule that gets you - on time - a completed build.

During a digital transformation, this means that you need to know the stakeholders of all mini-projects, be able to see completion dates and have a to-do list. 

Shared documentation

Digitising processes is often a hugely complex task. Because adjusting one project can trigger a chain reaction in many others, it is important that everything can be retrieved and everything on the to-do list needs to be recorded somewhere in the documentation. For example, you also need to be able to see who worked on projects when, and for whom other jobs are open. The Powered Execution Suite tells organisations which steps from A to Z are needed to make an organisation a Powered Enterprise: an agile organisation that is always able to respond to constant changes in the market.

As predictable as possible

Good preparation and structure of the transformation and rich documentation of the entire project lead to the most important feature of the whole process: it is predictable. At the start of a digital transformation, you already know when it will be ready and what it will look like. This allows you to engage everyone in your organisation in the journey in advance. You can show what the transformation will mean for them, what the organisation will gain from it and how the transformation will make work easier. This creates huge support and vastly reduces potential resistance to future projects and agile working.

Implementing a predictable digital transformation quickly and successfully can only be done by relinquishing some control in one area. Organisations should realise that most of the new hardware and software they need is good enough for them 'out of the box', i.e. without customisation. Customisation of business software and processes often slows down transformation projects unnecessarily. Embracing market-standard cloud applications, which are already proven to work at thousands of other companies, helps free up time that companies can spend on the employees who will eventually have to work in the transformed organisation. That is the only way to become a successful Powered Enterprise: an agile workplace where both the employee and the customer can come first in everything.

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Time for a new vantage point

Instead of making transformation a goal make it a way of business.

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