The MBO Talent Booster program is aimed at talented MBO students who could use a little extra support. A selection of the registered students will participate in the educational program, after which a jury will decide which students will receive the scholarship. The scholarship consists of up to 4 years of financial support, support in other resources, and personal coaching in various areas.

Program Overview

  • Registration Page Open
  • Selection from Applications
  • Talent Development Day
  • Selection Round Based on Talent Development Day
  • 3-Day Empower Survival Camp with Personal Coaching
  • Finale Day: Scholarship Awards

Who is allowed to participate?

Everyone who could use assistance in completing their MBO (Intermediate Vocational Education) education is eligible. MBO Talent Booster Foundation focuses on vulnerable youth who, due to personal circumstances, have found themselves in situations where studying is not a priority. The program aims to provide young people with opportunities to continue developing their talents, despite challenging personal circumstances.

Without an MBO diploma, young people from more vulnerable demographics are at an increased risk of falling (further) into debt and having less future prospects. We aim for as much equality of opportunity as possible!

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