About the alumni program

We'd still like to stay in touch with you now you are no longer working for KPMG. Would you like to stay up to date on developments within your field? Exchange ideas with former colleagues? Or are you curious about how KPMG is doing? Via the alumni program, you can stay in touch with former colleagues and we also offer you support with the continuation of your career. The program allows us to keep talking to, inspiring and supporting each other.

Want to come back to KPMG? Permanently or as an independent professional? We are always open to that! Check the vacancies, read more about the PEOPLE concept for self-employed professionals or contact one of our recruiters and discuss the options.

Benefits of the alumni program

  • You stay in touch with your former colleagues and friends.
  • You stay informed of current alumni news.
  • You stay informed about alumni events.
  • You stay informed of developments in your field (e.g. via the KPMG Learning Academy).
  • You can exchange ideas with former colleagues.
  • You stay informed about KPMG news, publications and events.

Change alumni details

Are you registered as a KPMG alumnus and do you want to inspect or amend the data recorded about you, such as your e-mail address or current employer? If so, send a message to the KPMG alumni team, clearly stating the change you wish to make.


Contact the KPMG alumni team by email.