The CFO’s First 100 Days

Roadmap to a successful transition

Whether you are a newly appointed (CFO) or a long-serving finance leader, we believe the concepts shared in this publication will benefit you immensely.

The agenda below comprises tasks in a typical transition for a new CFO. It is based on our experience working closely with numerous CFOs in different sectors and addresses sample topics that we believe are important for achieving the objectives of creating and preserving value for most organizations. Many of the tasks are likely to continue well past the first 100 days on the job; the suggested timing is intended to prioritize activities to help achieve a manageable and successful transition into the role.


Common challenges: Finance lacking customer-centricity, failing to establish a genuine partnership with top management, and not offering valuable business insights is a major challenge; and being perceived primarily as a producer of financial reports without a prominent role in the formulation and execution of strategic initiatives is another prominent issue.