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In conjunction with the KPMG Global Cyber Day initiative, we’re pleased to unveil KPMG’s Privacy in the new world of AI report. The Global Cyber Day initiative places a strong emphasis on instilling cybersecurity practices in today's ever-evolving technological landscape. To enable organizations to effectively mitigate potential risks and uphold security, bolstering inclusivity in cybersecurity awareness is of paramount importance.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has fundamentally reshaped the way we work by leveraging elements such as automation and augmentation. Generative AI, among the most rapidly adopted emerging AI technologies in recent years, has seen widespread application across various functions in Malaysian organizations today, from IT, human resources and operations to finance, audit, legal, marketing, even entertainment, as demonstrated by the recent development of Malaysia’s first ever AI-generated radio DJ.

While AI integration presents unparalleled opportunities, it also gives rise to the issue of ‘shadow AI’ — unregulated use of AI within organizations proper oversight or guardrails leading to ethical and legal concerns. KPMG’s Privacy in the new world of AI report explores the intersection of AI and privacy, including the underlying privacy risks, an overview of the global AI regulatory landscape and necessary steps organizations can take to utilize AI responsibly. It is imperative for organizations to strike a balance by implementing a holistic approach to keep abreast of shifting global regulations and simultaneously safeguard privacy and trust amid the influx of AI.

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Privacy in the new world of AI

How to build trust in AI through privacy.

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