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In conjunction with the KPMG Global Cyber Day initiative, we’re pleased to launch the Cybersecurity in ESG report. The KPMG Global Cyber Day initiative is anchored on the importance of instilling cybersecurity behaviors in today’s technological landscape. To ensure that organizations can effectively mitigate potential risks and maintain security, it is paramount to bolster inclusivity in cybersecurity awareness.

As the integration of technology becomes indispensable for organizations amid increased stakeholder scrutiny and emerging regulatory reporting, this entails unforeseen cybersecurity risks that can impact their operations, business continuity and reputation.

While environmental aspects of the ESG agenda have seen significant strides, other elements such as cybersecurity and privacy are often overlooked.  At its core, cybersecurity plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of ESG. The Cybersecurity in ESG paper aims to explore the convergence between cybersecurity and ESG. It highlights the key considerations — from an environmental, social and governance angle — that organizations can benefit by addressing cybersecurity and ESG issues together. The paper also underscores how an integrated approach can safeguard their operations, embrace sustainable value creation and shape the digital future of corporate social responsibility practices.

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Cybersecurity in ESG

It's time to view ESG and cybersecurity through the same lens.

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