The Planet pillar focuses on decarbonization, sustainable actions nature and biodiversity.



We are currently working on our Net Zero Plan to reduce carbon emissions from our business operations. It will cover key areas such as:  

  • identifying sectors with high emissions, such as employee commuting, business travel, purchased goods and electricity;
  • setting up a Net Zero Committee comprising representations from various departments within the firm;
  • and offsetting remaining emissions by investing in externally accredited voluntary carbon removal projects as we inch closer to 2030.

Our Net Zero Plan will be shared in Our Impact Plan FY23.

Some decarbonization initiatives that we have done in FY22 are:

Hybrid working

To reduce the carbon emissions from traveling, we have established a policy to enable our people to work from home according to their teams’ arrangements.

Reducing floor space

We acknowledged that the use of electricity contributes a large portion to our carbon emissions. Hence, we have reduced our rental floor space to reduce the use of electricity.

Switching to LED lights

We have switched all the lights at our office to LED lights, which are more energy efficient.

Upcycling workshop
In FY22, we worked with Biji-Biji Initiative, a local social enterprise that promotes sustainability, in organizing an upcycling workshop to educate our people on using recyclable materials to create new products. Participants were taught how to upcycle e-wastes provided by our IT department into keychains and decorations for pen holders.