Your digital transformation should lay the foundation for your future innovation and business growth.

Our specialist Dynamics 365 team will bring the power of the cloud to your operations. With their extensive experience of technology-led transformations, they’ll help you to optimise your business processes, and get the most from your digital investments.

Why Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s complete ERP and CRM platform. Its intelligent applications combine seamlessly to transform finance, operations, customer engagement, talent management, data analytics and insight.

Flexible and scalable, Dynamics 365 allows you to embrace the cloud – enabling you to:

  • Replace your legacy systems
  • Seamlessly integrate your systems and applications
  • Standardise and automate your business processes
  • Foster better collaboration
  • Leverage customer data to gain greater insight
  • Dramatically reduce back-office costs

The outcome is a more holistic view of your business; better informed decisions; and deeper customer engagement – helping you create a more powerful competitive advantage.

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What is KPMG Powered Enterprise?

KPMG Powered Enterprise is the outcome-driven transformation solution that prepares your business for the future.

This is where deep industry and process knowledge, global delivery capability, cloud technology and robotic process automation combine to drive sustainable change, rising performance and lasting value. KPMG’s continuing investment in cloud applications, target operating models, processes and tools can give you instant access to leading practices and predictable outcomes.

At a time when disruption is changing everything, many businesses are struggling to transform. KPMG’s solution can help make it happen.

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Managed Services

Microsoft Business Solutions is not just a short-term transformation partner. We understand the growing complexity of our clients’ operations, and to cater for these we also offer Managed Services solutions for your Microsoft Dynamics technology. Our Manged Services team has over 20 years of experience in this space, and currently supports around 70 customers across a number of different countries.

Our business has an organisational structure running a fully revised set of ITIL aligned processes, and supported by a leading service management platform. This provides us with an operating model that allows us to continue to provide excellent customer service and that can scale to meet the growing demand and plans for our managed services business across the group.

Our Managed Services programs could run over multiple years depending on the demand from our clients and complexity of the service required.

LS Central

Built on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, LS Central is specifically built and designed to adhere to the needs of all kinds of retailers. Some of the benefits that LS Central offers are:

  • An increase in revenue figures through up-selling and cross-selling tools directly from POS
  • An increase in sales figures through:
    • Diminishing stock-outs
    • Managing staff effectively
    • Making sure that the right products are in-store
    • Reducing staff training times

LS Central is a unified commerce software that can replace disparate, unconnected systems in your business. This means that data is collected in one central place thus allowing your business to proactively manage sales, stock and productivity in real time. This results in a seamless customer experience that allows for repeat business and an increase in customer loyalty. 

LS Central Standard


KPMG’s dedicated Dynamics 365 team will work shoulder to shoulder with you to:

  • Deploy powerful technology that has a lasting impact on business performance
  • Accelerate your digital transformation using innovative methodologies and industry best practice
  • Provide global insight combined with local consulting and technology capabilities
  • Bring you the benefits of our deep Microsoft and Dynamics 365 expertise
  • Forge a lasting collaboration that drives long-term success

A Longstanding Gold Microsoft Partner

KPMG’s Microsoft Business Solutions team is a longstanding Microsoft Gold Partner with an ever-growing list of Microsoft Competencies. Moreover, towards the end of 2020, KPMG was recognized as the Global SI Digital Transformation Partner of the year by Microsoft.

Microsoft Partner
Microsoft Partner
Microsoft Partner
Microsoft Partner

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Consumer & Retail

As they digitise their businesses, retailers must have real-time insight into their customers’ demands, motives and behaviours. And they must create the compelling, omnichannel experiences that today’s consumers expect.

This requires a technology platform that can integrate product, customers and experiences – and provide a single view of all three.

An agile platform

  • Flexible and affordable, Dynamics 365 is a complete, end-to-end business application that unifies traditional ERP and CRM capabilities. It gives you access to the solutions you need to exploit emerging technologies like AI, data analytics and automation – allowing you to:
  • Become a data-driven organisation
  • Enable operational excellence
  • Unify sales channels to streamline and automate operations
  • Optimise supply chain processes to improve execution and profitability
  • Simplify core merchandising processes
  • Create rich digital customer experiences
  • Drive the agility to respond to a fast-changing market
  • Empower employees with the productivity and collaboration tools they need to make a difference

Specialist solutions

Dynamics 365 is designed to integrate and optimise core retail operations, helping retailers to succeed in the digital era.

Its dedicated retail functions include:

  • Point-of-sale and clienteling solutions
  • Store operation and staff management
  • Intelligent click-and-collect and order distribution systems
  • Simple, flexible and powerful pricing and promotion creation
  • Loyalty and subscription capabilities
  • Rich omnichannel merchandising


We can help you get the most from the platform, while mitigating the risks inherent in major technology implementations. Our unique methodology can accelerate your transformation, achieve your desired business outcomes – and ultimately, maximise your ROI in Dynamics 365.

Government & Public Sector

Citizens’ expectations of public services are on the rise in the digital age. People want to interact digitally with the agencies they deal with, and expect slick and convenient experiences when they do.

But at the same time, digital technology is an opportunity for public organisations. It’s a means of doing more with less – delivering more services, more effectively, and more cost-efficiently.

An integrated platform

  • In the public sector, improving services often means joining them up. And joined-up services require joined-up systems. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a fully integrated ERP and CRM platform, offering you:
  • The collaborative power of cloud-based working
  • The data and insight to understand changing demand patterns
  • 360° visibility of your organisation
  • An ideal platform on which to establish digital services
  • Productivity tools to help your employees work more efficiently
  • Better risk management and financial control
  • The ability to enhance service capabilities and citizen satisfaction

What’s more, it wraps these capabilities in a familiar Microsoft environment. This makes it intuitive and user-friendly for employees with diverse roles and skills: from managers and support staff, to frontline community workers and service providers.


Our team understands public finances, and knows how to de-risk the process of managing them. A number of our consultants are CIPFA-qualified accountants, with extensive experience of working for local authorities, central government and police forces.

We’ve used this knowledge to develop specialist functions within Dynamics 365 that cater for the demands of public finance: for example, a CIPFA-compliant Chart of Accounts and reporting facility.

We’ll tie your Dynamics implementation to your strategy and operating model, and help you understand its governance, risk and compliance implications.


Manufacturers face sweeping change. Industry 4.0 is reshaping the sector and causing large-scale disruption.

Production is becoming increasingly localised and customised, meaning smaller batches and shorter lead times. And there is growing competition from smaller, nimbler, more local players – all of which puts pressure on margins.

Meanwhile, cloud and new analytics technologies are giving rise to new business and service models such as manufacturing-as-a-service.

  • Data-led manufacturing

The upshot is that manufacturers must become data-driven organisations.

They need to harness new technologies to analyse their product and service usage; then use the results to hone their offerings and engage their customers. Achieving this will demand deeper collaboration with IT vendors and other supply chain partners.

Adjusting to the new reality requires manufacturers to look at their organisations in a completely different way. The pressure is on them to develop:

  • Advanced data and analytics capabilities
  • A 360° view of their operations, workforce, supply chain and cost base
  • A more service-oriented operating model
  • The agility to adapt to a fast-changing market

An agile platform

  • These abilities demand a technology platform that’s robust, flexible, scalable, and allows visibility over the business as a whole. Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers exactly that. It brings the agility of the cloud to manufacturing, providing powerful ERP, CRM, analytics and management reporting capabilities. It also gives you access to intelligent business apps that enable you to:
  • Harness the huge volumes of data generated by manufacturing operations and services
  • Drive critical insight into your entire business
  • Deploy solutions to manage agile production schedules and supply chains
  • Give people the productivity and collaboration tools they need to do their jobs

And being part of the Microsoft platform, Dynamics integrates this functionality into a familiar, cloud-based environment.

Dedicated solutions

As a strategic partner to Microsoft, KPMG has deep expertise in Dynamics 365. We can unleash the full benefits of the system, while tailoring it to manufacturers’ needs.

And through our alliances with software vendors, we offer dedicated manufacturing solutions that integrate seamlessly with Dynamics 365.

Our unique applications will help you enhance your:

  • Pricing and e-commerce
  • Data analytics and visualisation
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Product lifecycle and data management
  • Workflow and project management


Malta was a pioneer to regularise remote gaming, and whilst capitalising on its first mover advantage it continued to be proactive in developing its regulatory framework sustaining a competitive edge over other jurisdictions ever since. As a result, it has attracted in excess of 300 gaming companies, including the biggest names in the industry, who now call Malta home. The industry employs over 8,000 multi-national industry professionals. No surprise that Malta is dubbed as the World’s iGaming Capital.

Nevertheless, the industry is facing technological disruption and change like never before. The industry is reaching higher levels of maturity and competition, demanding smoother and more streamlined processes, to speed up time to market, amidst the always growing regulatory demands. Customer retention is arguably the most important metric in the industry, and this becomes even more relevant at a time when players are increasingly expecting more innovative and personalised product offerings.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an intelligent business application platform which breaks down the silos that are associated with traditional and separate business applications. The Dynamics 365 platform empowers iGaming operators in this technologically changing landscape with faster processing, quicker access to the relevant information, and with predictive analysis tools to make more confident and quicker decisions.

As a strategic partner to Microsoft, and based right in the World’s iGaming Capital, KPMG Microsoft Business Solutions is ideally positioned to assist iGaming companies unleash the potential of the Dynamics 365 platform to gain an edge in the market. Our close proximity to the industry, our membership in the KPMG network, together with our global Strategic alliance with Microsoft puts us in a unique position, when compared to pure play IT implementation setups.