This technology gives an organisation the opportunity to rapidly develop solutions for the business led by ‘citizen developers’ within the business who know and understand the business issues.

So is this a blessing in disguise for the Chief Information Officer, or an opportunity for the organisation to descend into an uncontrolled chaos of good intentions?

Regardless of where you are on your low-code journey, Microsoft Business Solutions can help you drive innovation and establish value from Microsoft’s Power Platform whilst staying within your organisation’s guardrails.

Harnessing an organisation’s capability and creativity is undoubtedly a great idea. However, it needs to come with some governance and measures of control that can prevent the problems.

One platform, one engagement framework

At Microsoft Business Solutions we have developed a range of offerings to help you Envision, Accelerate, Deliver, Govern and Evolve your Power Platform journey.


A short engagement to ignite your interest in Microsoft’s Power Platform. This is suitable for clients wanting to solve business or IT problems and are looking for an art-of-the-possible session. We share our experiences and level-set your team’s knowledge.


A creative and rapid transformation engagement to deploy an impactful App in your environment. Using Design Thinking, Business Value and deployment best practice we work with you to conceive and realise transformational ideas deploying a production-ready App based on your prioritised use case.


Outsourced work packages or augmented programme teams, our delivery services are for clients who already have a clear objective and scope in mind. We combine checkpoints with agility across the five powered phases; Vision, Validate, Construct, Deploy & Evolve.


Guidance, setup and operational hand-off of governance policies and community management to drive the innovation, delivery and evolution agenda including Centre of Excellence setup services. Govern creates and implements operational standards for empowering hero citizen developers, as well as deploying measures to safely build and distribute Apps supported by both IT and business sponsors.


Managed services with continuous improvement, a closed innovation loop and an ongoing supportive relationship. Evolve Reduces risk, promotes service enhancements and knowledge sharing, operating within ITIL compliance and maintaining strong relationships with Microsoft.

Our opinion... Learn to control the force of the Power Platform!