Constantly on the lookout for industries with high growth potential, Malta has truly opened its doors to esports companies, seeing the inherent value such businesses have to offer in Malta and across the globe. Presently a budding industry in Malta but projected to reach a USD 12 billion global market size by 2030, the esports sector has placed itself amongst the fastest growing industries on the planet. As part of 2019 budget revelations by the Maltese government and through several other strategical initiatives, the country has thrown down the gauntlet for esports, aiming to become a worldwide leader in the sphere and establish itself as the new home for esports businesses and worldwide professionals.

In 2021, GamingMalta, an independent non-profit foundation set-up by the Government of Malta and by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), and ESL, the world’s largest esports company, announced a strategic partnership to foster and develop the esports ecosystem in Malta. GamingMalta also launched a 700sqm start-up incubator facility for the video game, esports and immersive technology sectors in Malta, providing a hub for companies to work from and help employees grow into a community of developers.

Additionally, the Malta Esports Association (MESA) was officially launched in 2022 to support the ongoing growth of the sphere and be a unifying body for esports in Malta. MESA also administers the national esports team, and is a member of the European Esports Federation, and the International Esports Federation.

KPMG is amongst the market leaders in Malta’s vibrant ecosystem of online gambling and video gaming stakeholders, both falling under the umbrella of gaming. Esports is set to become another important facet of Malta’s gaming industry, especially as we see the convergence of the Entertainment pillars come together, and their boundaries become increasingly blurred.

Many benefits stemming from Malta’s gaming industry are equally applicable to the esports environment. Alongside Malta’s bustling atmosphere, the country offers an excellent business environment underpinned by a highly skilled workforce, robust financial services and best-in-class professional services. A small island with a big appetite for business, Malta is perfectly placed to serve esports companies from a 360-degree viewpoint.

From a financial standpoint, Malta’s beneficial tax regime has been identified as one of its major competitive advantages. Specific tax incentives which allow for an effective corporate tax rate of 5%, and a wide array of double taxation treaties with various countries worldwide, puts Malta at the forefront of the game. Beyond this, Malta has an advantageous strategic position within Europe. The island is among the most beautiful and richly historic in the world, and its capital, Valletta, was the joint-Capital of Culture for 2018. Often voted as the best climate worldwide, Malta’s climate and 300 days of sunshine allow for a very pleasant lifestyle on the Mediterranean Sea.

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