Living in the 'phygital' world


What happens when virtual reality meets reality? With the metaverse — interactive, virtually enhanced spaces that can be accessed by multiple users via avatars — it has led to the shaping of uniquely immersive and authentic experiences that have opened up new ways for businesses, communities and individuals to create value, socialise and solve problems.

To explore a new world of opportunities present in this bold new universe, KPMG recently conducted a consumer survey gathering perspectives, expectations and feelings towards metaverse participation. 

of consumers surveyed expect a significant impact from the metaverse in the next five years

of consumers anticipate a significant impact in the next 12 months

Despite the opportunities of the metaverse, there remain some hurdles and scepticism on the path to greater adoption.

Privacy and protection of personal information are the most significant concerns for those who are less familiar, undecided or unlikely to partipate in the phygital sphere. Similarly, non-users highlight security of their personal information as a top requirement for their entry into the metaverse, while current users prioritise user comfort with virtual platforms and technologies.

To build a responsible metaverse, businesses must be intentional about promoting inclusivity and accesssibility from the outset. Affordable access to metaverse tech and customisation options for avatars are cited as the most important factors for an equitable and inclusive experience.

Looking to connect with consumers in the metaverse? Download our full report for key numbers and insights.

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