Esports Advisory

Esports Advisory

We aim to establish a healthy esports culture and sustainable esports business, and promote the formation of an ecosystem.

We aim to establish a healthy esports culture and sustainable esports business, and promot

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KPMG Japan provides expert knowledge and experience in the fields of business management and risk consulting. Furthermore, our professionals support both endemic and non-endemic enterprises entering into the esports industry through the development of new business entry strategies and marketing activities such as tournament events.

1.Esports HR Management Development Support

Collaborate with educational entities; cultivate talent to serve as a pillar of the esports industry.

  • Provide esports-dedicated courses and arrange esports curriculum 
  • Tie up courses with esports stakeholders from direct and auxiliary industries
  • Provide a global network to enhance partnership with esports related entities and professionals

2.Esports Marketing Advisory

Improving the esports literacy for important business stakeholders.

  • Promotion support for government and esports entities
  • Professional business reporting support
  • Provide market expertise and knowledge for lectures and publications

3.Esports Event Planning & Operations Advisory

For local economic & community development, we provide event planning advisory services by coordinating with regional governments.

  • Business-level mid-to-long term event planning support, partnership with local enterprises, schools and organizations
  • ROI estimation of the activity
  • PMO support for project execution

4.Esports Business Strategy Planning

Business strategy, planning and execution support for entering the Japanese esports market.

  • Esports market research (domestic and overseas) and segmentation
  • New business strategy and road mapping
  • PMO support for project execution
  • Relationship building with key industry players; partnership and alliances support

5.Esports Governance Support

Provide guidelines for governance in the esports industry and related fields.

  • Support the creation of guidelines and policies to ensure fair practices
  • Support policy development of esports pro-team operations
  • Support development of esports sponsorship policies
  • Team, event valuation for sponsorship

6.Esports Advanced Technology Utilization

Provide collaborative solutions for esports and technology.

  • Support data analysis with AI, IoT, and RPA, as well as utilization of AR/VR and drones for esports business
  • Promote cultivating a fan base with blockchain
Esports Advisory