Your skills, knowledge and capabilities are central to our success. That’s why we’re fully committed to developing a continuous learning culture – one where every experience adds to your professional confidence and builds your individual career capital.

Through state-of-the-art technologies and alliances with third-party resources, you’ll be given the opportunity – and the encouragement – to expand your business knowledge and receive additional support, whenever and wherever you need it.  There will always be a chance to learn; the assignments you work on as well as the talented people you work with - this will form the base for building your knowledge. 

Technical training

When working in Audit, you are provided with structured training covering new and revised accounting and auditing standards, topical issues as well as industry specific training to ensure you perform at the highest quality levels. Our learning and development teams are continuously in contact with engagement teams throughout the region to understand where you need further guidance and thus ensuring that focused training is delivered as and when required. Furthermore, we have established structures in place to assist you as engagements progress via ongoing thematic and in-flight reviews that act as second lines of defence, providing you with support and guidance.  Finally, our e-learning platform is always available for you to access best practice guidance, over and above the mandatory training, whenever this is needed.

In Tax, significant investment is made to ensure that you become and retain your status as a trusted tax expert. We are privileged to have a dedicated Tax Knowledge Management sub-team with the role of facilitating the sharing of tax knowledge across the function. At KPMG, sharing insights is highly valued and encouraged. We make sure to keep you up to date with the latest trends and legislation to further develop your technical side, through regular local team and technical sessions, participation on calls with experts from the KPMG network and subscriptions to access tax content. Our support is guaranteed if you wish to deepen your tax knowledge by following external courses or programmes leading to an academic qualification or relevant tax knowledge. International centres such as KPMG’s EU Tax Centre help you understand the complexities of certain tax developments, enable you to better predict how rules will develop and how to leverage opportunities and minimize risks arising from tax developments. All this is in addition to the endless on-the-job training opportunities that you will get.

And when in Advisory, you will also continually stretch your skills and sharpen your expertise through ongoing learning initiatives and professional development. As a function, advisory is a multidisciplinary one covering a vast array of areas – Accounting Advisory Services, Deal Advisory, Digital Solutions, People & Change, Risk Consulting and Infrastructure, Public Policy & Strategy - each of which provide its own respective training to equip you with the necessary technical expertise and deep industry insight. Through a combination of tutor-based technical training, coaching and practical on the job experience, we will provide you with the necessary toolkit to further improve your technical skill set.

Online learning platform

Through this platform, you will be provided with a world of knowledge at your fingertips. This is a wonderful opportunity to boost your soft skills and to develop commercial, technology-related and other specific skills through expert-led course videos and other online material. Our purpose is to provide you with access to a wide array of learning material that can help you to improve, grow and enhance your professional development at a time and place that is most convenient to you. 

Buddy system

New to the firm? Don’t worry, we will assign you a buddy to help you familiarise yourself with our systems. Buddies will advise you on how to interact with clients and answer any work-related queries.  We want to make sure that as a new joiner (at any level), you are provided with all information necessary to adjust and settle with the firm. Buddies also offer support to students working with us, offering advice on assignments as well as dissertation. 

Induction sessions

When you join our firm, we will invite you to attend dedicated workshops whereby we introduce, amongst others, our KPMG culture and values and our strategy. Representatives from different functions are present to share their experiences and to provide you with a glimpse of the type of work they do. This ensures that as a new hire, you’ll become well acquainted with the firm in general and that you’re given all the information required to feel welcomed and settled.

Development goals

During year-end reviews, performance managers do not only concentrate on goals related to achieving business targets, we also want you to set goals for your own personal development, to reach personal targets and to continuously enrich your knowledge. 

What did our people say in our latest Global People Survey?

KPMG offers a clear path for career growth and helps each individual to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Leadership has helped me to identify my passion and strong areas while supporting me throughout the years to continue building on my expertise and knowledge.

From the moment you join us, you’ll have a personal development plan tailored to your individual needs and ambitions. Incorporating a powerful combination of technical training, coaching and mentoring, industry secondments and skill-building programs. And when you reach key milestones – like becoming a new manager – we’ll make it a priority to celebrate your achievement and give you the tools you need to grow in the next phase of your career.