Some of the world's biggest companies rely on us to provide independent insight, challenge and expertise, so the work we undertake affects investment decisions, inspires confidence in public sector expenditure and supports our economic growth. Today, more than ever in disruptive times, audit is a function needed by society. As part of the Audit team, you'll be helping to build the confidence and trust that business and society need to thrive.

We deliver quality outcomes by working to the very highest standards. As part of that, we continue to invest in technologies that are enabling us to offer the kind of robust insights that build trust with businesses, investors and society. We're designing and deploying powerful tech-led tools, and at the heart of this investment is KPMG Clara, our progressive global collaboration and analytics tool, evolved to help deliver even greater consistency and collaborative working.

When you join our Audit team, we'll make sure you can stretch your skills across diverse engagements and broad opportunities. This will include ongoing training and development through a mix of internal and external learning initiatives. Our e-learning platform will allow you to access best practice guidance whenever you need it.

As you'd imagine, like the companies we audit, we're having to adapt. This means new working patterns, physical adjustments in our offices and new ways of interacting with our colleagues as well as the organisations we work with, and we are harnessing technology to help underpin this change.

If you share our commitment to achieving excellence and working to the highest audit standards, are a natural collaborator who values different perspectives and relishes the opportunity to develop and progress - then KPMG could be the place where you can thrive.