Mining & Metals

Mining & Metals

Mining & Metals industries are experiencing unprecedented change. To be successful, companies need to remain agile and creative.

The Global Mining Institute provides valuable insights.

Mining creates the resource base for many other sectors.

The fact that Macedonia is a country abounding with mineral resources such as zinc, gold, silver, copper, lead, chromite, manganese, nickel, asbestos, gypsum and timber, supports the fact that this sector is essential for the country’s economy, with a relatively high share in the industrial production. The dynamic development of this industry in view of the Macedonian national priorities and in accordance with the best European and global practices is vital. 

Companies in the sector encounter various challenges and need to adapt across the asset lifecycle, from expansion to closure/disposal, as the changing economic, political and regulatory environment demands greater flexibility. 

KPMG’s team in Macedonia can assist clients throughout the entire asset lifecycle, including from expansion through to disposal. We help organisations and people to discover new ideas to grow and to deliver fundamentally better results through different ways of operating while managing risk.

Some of the challenges testing even the most established organisations include:  

  • Improving productivity and performance to increase volumes and reduce costs for companies already in operation 
  • Developing and implementing strategies for growth, mergers and acquisitions, innovation, and operating models to drive value 
  • Understanding complex regulatory and policy changes (e.g. tax reforms, carbon pricing) 
  • Understanding how to react to the changing price of commodities through a greater understanding of the underlying cost drivers to enable closer alignment of cost to output 
  • Managing regulatory approvals and permits to develop, especially for companies with new projects to fund and develop 
  • Preparing and planning for operations – to ensure a smooth transition from design and construction 
  • Finding risk capital to invest into a high cost environment for new projects 
  • Preparing for increased automation, which will continue to emerge as a core focus and present a major operating shift for Macedonian metals and mining companies.