Our team of highly qualified professionals can provide you with a wide range of services, tailored to the specific client needs.

Our team of highly qualified professionals can provide you with a wide range of services.

Electricity as part of the Energy sector is of major importance to the Macedonian economy. 

Current issues in the electricity sector in Macedonia include:

  • Maintenance, revitalization and modernization of the existing andconstruction of new, modern infrastructures for the purposes of energyproduction and utilization,
  • Improvement of the energy efficiency in the production, transmission, andutilization of energy,
  • Utilization of domestic resources (reserves of lignite, hydropowerpotential, wind and solar energy) for electricity production,
  • Increase of natural gas utilization,
  • Increase of the utilization of renewable energy sources,
  • Establishment of economic energy prices,
  • Integrating the energy sector of the Republic of Macedonia in the regionaland European market of electricity and natural gas by constructing newconnections and by harmonizing the legislation with the existing acquiscommunitaire for energy, environment, competition and renewable energy sources.

These features of the local electricity market impose serious challenges for its future development and stability, especially considering the ever changing economic and regulatory climate. 

In the mid-term perspective, there is a need for:

  • Increase of energy efficiency and greater utilization of renewable energy sources 
  • Economic price for the energy sold at regulated prices
  • Correlation between the economic capabilities of the consumers and the realisticenergy price with a special emphasis to the social category of consumers
  • Environmental protection standards in accordance with the current legislation
  • Transformation of the ownership capital in the energy sector in market operatingconditions.

The generl principles for the functining of the energy sector are:

  • Provision of energy security
  • Intensified efforts for improvement of the energy efficiency in production,transmission and consumption of energy
  • The maximization of the utilization of the renewable energy sources
  • greater utilization of natural gas.
  • shift of the energy sector in Macedonia to market conditions
  • market prices for electricity
  • measures for elimination of the misuse of the monopoly position 
  • establishment of a competitive national energy market
  • Environmental protection

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We maintain a leading market position through assisting major organisations in the Electricity sector to respond to industry trends and business issues. Our portfolio of clients ranges from large multinationals to local players. Our team of highly qualified professionals with a special focus on the Electricity sector can provide you with a wide range of services, tailored to the specific client needs, including full scope Audit, Tax and Advisory services. Our sector specific services are:  

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  • Business performance improvements.