Project Management and Implementation Consulting

Project Management and Implementation Consulting

Key goal > optimize your business through successful completion of projects within time and budget.

Optimize your business through successful completion of projects within time and budget.

Challenges on the market:

Increasingly, portfolios of IT and business projects are becoming complex and interrelated. They often involve significant investment and high profile stakeholder attention. Boards are concerned by the prospect of major project failure, and are increasingly seeking an independent perspective on project risk.

In order to create effective and efficient business processes, organizations are increasingly engaging in large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations.

Inevitably these major changes are often followed with big issues (Inefficient coordination of management, staff and vendors; Unclear scope of implementation; Complexity and volume of data to be migrated; Insufficient security settings; Insufficient or informal testing...)

In turn these issues lead to increased risks (Projects missing deadlines; Negative influence on reputation and expenses; Employee resistance to new systems; Inadequate documentation and possibility of consequent follow up; System that does not meet the intended requirements, etc.)

How we can help:

Whether your project involves a major business transformation such as a merger or acquisition, a complex IT and ERP implementation or regulatory compliance, our IT Project Advisory professionals can help you increase the probability of success and enhance your project or programme performance.

KPMG’s team assists clients in identifying and mitigating project risks throughout the project lifecycle. Our methodology encompasses both “Doing the right project” and “Doing the project right”.

Our services include risk assessment, controls and security review, post implementation or specific business process review to assess and improve the functionality existing or newly implemented ERP systems. Our professionals use globally developed methods combined with specific knowledge of major packages, to assess the controls in place, from a general IT controls to business process perspective.

Our services in this area:

  • Independent consulting for ERP solution selection, tender process run and contracting (SLA)
  • Quality Assurance and support during implementation of ERP systems
  • Project management and organization of project offices
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Support in the digital transformation process

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