IT Audit, Regulation and Compliance

IT Audit, Regulation and Compliance

Key goal > stay in compliance and maximize benefits from standards and regulations.

Key goal > stay in compliance and maximize benefits from standards and regulations.

Challenges on the market:

Amid an evolving regulatory environment and increased oversight pressures, organizations face ongoing challenges to manage and comply with ever-mounting regulations that are coming their way. At the same time, organizations are focused on managing new and persistent risks to their business, while balancing revenue growth and expense saving business priorities.

Business operations heavily rely on information systems and IT services need to be available continuously and capable of mass data processing on a daily basis.

In the face of these challenges, managing IT risk and compliance has become even more critical, as IT failures can lead to reputational damage, customer and market valuation loss, and an increase in privacy issues and high-profile legal exposure. In this environment, enhancing IT controls is crucial to help ensure businesses are managed and controlled appropriately, and functioning reliably.

How we can help:

Conducting independent review of IT systems and operations, and the assessment of compliance with the regulations is vital to the protection of IT resources, confidential data and improving business performance.

We work with clients to analyze business technology issues within their organizations. We are well placed to assist organizations with regulatory and compliance needs. We have a great deal of experience in identifying and controlling financial and operational risks embedded in business systems.

Our approach in conducting the implementation review is designed to improve security, functionality and efficiency. We help companies in achieving their goals by focusing on IT processes, people, technology, reporting, organization, data and documentation.

Our services in this area:

  • IT audit with improvement of security and mitigation of relevant risks
  • Assessment of system implementation and migration as well as data conversion
  • Internal IT audit or assistance in implementation of IT controls
  • Review of operating system and databases setup
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) and License review
  • Service organizations standards: SOC 1, 2, 3 reports (ISAE3402, ISAE 3000 and SSE16)

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