KPMG member firms help clients to understand and improve their preparedness against cyber attack.

KPMG member firms help clients to understand and improve their...

This is not a new threat

Hackers have been infiltrating sensitive government systems since the early 1990s. However, the focus on cyber security is increasing rapidly due to many high profile and highly disruptive/damaging security breaches threatening financial and physical damage across critical national and corporate infrastructures. 

President Obama has declared that the “cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation” and that “America's economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cyber security.” 1 Cyber risks have been elevated to boardrooms through media exposure and legislation. KPMG is leading the way in advising member firm clients on transforming their cyber security programs to meet these new threats.

The prepare phase of KPMG’s Cyber Security Framework is about understanding and improving your current state of preparedness against cyber attack.


What’s on your mind?

  • I don’t know if my organization meets all of its obligations for information assurance?
  • Is data secure in my organization?
  • What should we do if we don’t fully understand our current vulnerabilities?
  • Do our supply chain partners put us at risk?
  • What should our information security strategy look like? 


Our services

KPMG member firms can help you understand your current state of preparedness against cyber attack and assist you to close any gaps. Whether from a people, process or technology viewpoint, our services can help you improve your state of preparedness. KPMG’s services include:

  • Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA) – a rapid diagnostic which enables clients to understand areas of cyber vulnerability - from people, process and technology viewpoints - and to identify and prioritize areas for remediation
  • Cyber security strategy – the design and implementation of cyber security strategies. Support through the lifecycle from defining the vision, through to establishing the control framework and training your employees
  • Cyber gaming – scenario based experiential learning to both develop cyber response capability and improve employee and board awareness of cyber risks 




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