Global Banking practice combines industry knowledge, tax, regulatory and program management skills to deliver successful transformation programs.

The Banking practice combines industry knowledge, tax, and other skills

Retail and investment banks are still experiencing an intensity of change. They are rapidly building on the power of data analytics and digital technologies. Customer-centric cultures and people strategies within the institutions, alongside intense regulatory scrutiny, are placing resilience and trust at the core of every bank.

Banks are embracing and enhancing the opportunities offered by digital change to build improved services and respond to client needs. Challenger banks and new currencies are radically altering the banking environment, boosting competition and creating new business models.

Progressive banks understand how changing client demographics, shifting age profiles and growing entrepreneurial businesses will shape long-term savings and wealth management. Whether in retail or investment, these banks will deliver the right service at the right time.

Security, regulation and remediation will build trust, but innovation will build a new generation of clients.

We at KPMG can help banks transform, develop and evaluate the right operating models and strategies to respond to this new financial world.

Some banks will follow a path of gradual evolution. Others will opt for a complete strategic change. With unparalleled experience in audit, tax and advisory services, KPMG has the depth of knowledge and breadth of skills to guide banks as they harness the power of data and technology, empowering their people to provide a truly customer-centric service.