Privacy advisory services

Privacy advisory services

The rise of interconnectivity provides our clients with a significant challenge of getting “Privacy right”.

The rise of interconnectivity provides the challenge of getting “Privacy right”.

As technology drives an ever more interconnected world, where cooperation is key and the value of personal information is ever increasing; effective privacy is the fundamental client requirement. The rise of interconnectivity combined with an increasingly complex regulatory environment provides our clients with a significant challenge of getting “Privacy right”; to enable them to leverage personal information to create value, increase revenues while meeting the expectations of their customers, employees and vendors. 

KPMG recognises that organisations want to protect and maintain the integrity of personal information while leveraging its value as an asset. We understand the threats and marketplace trends that organisations are facing and will bring that knowledge and experience to bear, working side by side with our clients so that they can manage this area with confidence.

  • We help our clients understand the Privacy risks they face and help them develop a strategy that is a fit for purpose approach which is not tick box.
  • New EU regulations include potential fines of up to 5% of global turnover, in addition to avoiding this financial risk, it is essential for organizations to protect their reputation, provide a platform for value creation and demonstrate good compliance.
  • We work with our clients to help them build a complete understanding of what personal information they process, so the risks can be clearly understood. This understanding coupled with embedding a fit-for-purpose privacy impact assessment process, provides clients with the full facts and enables them to make informed business decisions.
  • We can help our clients in a variety of ways, from explaining the key implications of new regulations on their business, to conducting readiness assessments, to working with them to develop an improvement plan to deploy an appropriate privacy control environment.

At KPMG, we aim to support our clients in demystifying Privacy; using it as an enabler to achieve the organisation’s long term goals.

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