Family governance

Every family is different because every family member is different. The mix of unique personalities, personal objectives and family wealth often creates tension. KPMG brings families together, fosters a neutral environment for trusting dialogue, and guides intergenerational unity.

Family continuity

We help family members to transfer wealth and plan the continuation of the family business.

Generational wealth planning

We help prepare the next generation to take control of the family business and/or family wealth.

Family business governance

We set up and manage robust processes that guide the family in their dealings with one another and with third parties.

Trust planning

A (family) trust could be the perfect choice when looking towards the future and thinking about the best way to safeguard and share your wealth.

Day by day support

We can help you to manage all the problems that might crop up and to resolve any disputes.


Create agendas and actively participate in family meetings to ensure all of the family’s objectives are being met.

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