Global Sustainability

Global Sustainability

KPMG’s global network of sustainability practices helps you build long-term value in a rapidly changing world.

KPMG’s global network of sustainability practices helps you build...

KPMG’s Global Sustainability Services (GSS) provides sustainability and climate change services that aim to deliver value to our corporate and public sector member firm clients

The advisory teams respond to the complex business challenges facing our clients by adopting a global approach that spans professional disciplines, industry sectors and national borders. We work within multi-disciplinary teams with backgrounds in business risk, environment, social studies, compliance, finance, tax, audit and certification — fusing together the creativity, experiences and energy from multiple disciplines helps to enable us to provide insights that help our clients better understand, improve and report on their environmental, social and economic performance.

Recent events in the economy and financial markets have raised the scrutiny on all businesses and public organizations — today’s sophisticated stakeholders (e.g. investors, NGOs, consumers and citizens) are demanding greater transparency and responsibility. At KPMG we believe that for sustainability there must be a paradigm shift from a culture of risk management to one of creating preference and value to all stakeholders. The GSS network is committed to helping member firm clients anticipate changes in the competitive and regulatory environment, improve their operations and risk profile, understand and engage with stakeholders, enhance their internal capabilities to seize potential opportunities, and disclose information about their sustainability performance in a balanced way.

Where Global Sustainability Services can help

The expanding GSS Network consists of more than 350 professionals across 40 countries, enabling us to apply a global approach to service delivery and respond to clients’ complex business challenges with services that span industry sectors and national boundaries. Our approach is focused on relating environmental, social, ethical, economic and financial issues to the core strategy, management objectives and operational processes of any organization. 

Our advisory teams provide services in the following areas:

  • climate change
  • CR reporting and assurance
  • CR strategy support
  • environmental, health and safety due diligence
  • risk & opportunity analysis
  • performance management & reporting system development
  • policy and process development.

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