The Kuwait Business Leader Survey presents an analysis of nearly 100 CEOs, CFOs, and senior management personnel from Kuwait. The survey presents an outlook for Kuwait's macroeconomic scenario, the impact of Covid-19, and the measures adopted by various organizations. 

Kuwait Business Leader Survey 2020-21

In these current uncertain times, it is important to understand the views of the business community on the direction the economy is headed towards and accordingly identify their priorities.

Accordingly, KPMG reached out to business leaders at prominent organizations operating across various industries in Kuwait between April and June 2020 to gauge their perspective on:

  • the outlook for Kuwait’s macroeconomic scenario;
  • the extent of the impact felt by organizations due to COVID19; and
  • the measures being adopted by organizations to minimize the impact in the immediate and medium-term.

Key findings from the survey

Key findings from the Kuwait business leader survey

Key Concerns

Key concern from Kuwait CEOs
Key concern from Kuwait CEOs
Key concern from Kuwait CEOs
Key concern from Kuwait CEOs

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