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A summary of our tax practice can help businesses with HR, Finance & Accounting and corporate secretarial outsourcing services.

A summary of our tax practice can help businesses with outsourcing services.

Business issues facing companies in Japan.


  • “We need to collect information in a precise and timely manner for making accurate business decisions.”
  • “We need to secure staff with extensive experience in accounting and HR to handle increasing day-to-day work.”
  • “We provide training every time we have a new person in-charge.”


KPMG’s outsourcing services can help companies facing these challenges.

KPMG’s bilingual professionals with broad knowledge and expertise provide outsourcing services, including gathering information from overseas subsidiaries and preparing monthly financial reports to the HQs in an expeditious way.

Further, KPMG ensures service quality by requiring that all the professionals take part in suitable continuous professional development each year. Through our services, you can avoid risks of facing situations such as “we were not able to hire the right person” or “we lost our knowledge due to the employee’s resignation”.



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