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Learn more about the services offered by KPMG in Japan's tax team and how we can help your business succeed.

Learn more about the services offered by KPMG in Japan's Tax team and how we can help you.

Companies often find that they have limited human resources to allocate to the finance and accounting department when they have newly established a business and/or during rapid business expansion. KPMG supports companies in such circumstances with daily payment processes, keeping custody of bank accounts, book-keeping and preparation of reports to the HQ.

KPMG’s outsourcing services considers tax issues (withholding tax, corporate tax returns, consumption tax returns, etc) when performing payment and book-keeping services which makes us a “one-stop” service provider for clients.

Further, KPMG’s bilingual professionals with extensive experience provide on-site support for payments and book-keeping.


Book-keeping and account payable management services in Japan

  • Book-keeping (entering journals and reconciliation with the supporting evidence etc.)
  • Monthly reporting (preparing trial balance, general ledgers, B/S and P/L)
  • Annual reporting (under US GAAP, IFRS, Japan GAAP etc.)
  • Calculation of depreciation charges, preparing fixed assets register.
  • Calculation of data and proposed entries for deferred taxation purposes.
  • Preparation of group reporting package to the corporate HQ.
  • Preparation of and assistance with various statutory reports, such as monthly monitoring report which should be submitted to the FSA for certain companies.
  • Payment processing to client's vendors, cross-border money transfer and monitoring and keeping custody of client's bank accounts.


Business process improvement and other services in Japan

  • Reviewing daily book-keeping and reporting of the clients to improve the quality of the accounting process.
  • Preparing accounts analysis for the purpose of supplying information to financial auditors.
  • Assistance in implementing management accounting system such as budget and forecasting processes.
  • Assistance in implementing/enhancing internal control procedures and organization.
  • Preparation of or updating accounting manuals.
  • Assistance in selecting and implementation of financial and business process management software. (PLAZA Accounting, QuickBooks etc)
  • On-site services (visit client office for data entry in various accounting systems (SAP, ORACLE), year-end support, internal audit support).



  • Provide training for beginners in accounting
  • In-house seminars on international accounting standards, etc.

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