Corporate Secretarial (Para-legal) Service

Learn more about the services offered by KPMG in Japan's tax team and how we can help your business succeed.

Learn more about the services offered by KPMG in Japan's Tax team and how we can help you.

KPMG works closely with outside experts to support companies in a number of areas including establishment of a Japanese company, administrative processes to liquidate a company, from establishment to closing of a branch office of a foreign corporation, visa application assistance for foreign nationals, etc.

Documents are prepared in both English and Japanese and can therefore be shared easily with the HQ overseas.

As KPMG’s services include accounting, tax and social and labor insurance administrative processes, preparation and filing of various applications which are required in association with the establishment of companies can also be managed by KPMG.


Legal compliance assistance services under the Company Law

  • From establishment to liquidation of Kabushiki Kaisha and J-LLCs.
  • From establishment to closing of branch offices of foreign corporations.
  • Preparation of the minutes of board of directors meetings and shareholders meetings or resolutions.
  • Preparation and maintenance of Shareholders Register.
  • Assistance in statutory public notice matters such as balance sheet disclosure.


Work visa (Certificate of Eligibility) application/renewal in Japan.

  • Preparation and filing of the various applications for intra-company transferees, etc.

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