KPMG is committed to providing long term support to our clients as they tackle challenges & transform the way healthcare is provided around the globe.

KPMG is committed to providing long term support to our clients

KPMG in Japan provides a full line practical approaches that include one of the leading strategic and tactical advisory services to organizations throughout the healthcare service industry, as well as to healthcare suppliers, payers, governmental and municipal offices and other related industries.


Strategy & Operation

KPMG in Japan cooperates with our clients in developing business approaches for management problems from five perspectives: strategy, process, human resources/organization, technology and content.

  • Strategy development
  • Business modeling/feasibility study
  • Market & business assessment
  • Business planning
  • Business diagnostic review
  • Business process reengineering for revenue enhancement and operating efficiency


Transaction Services

When the clients investigate M&A (merger & acquisition) or alliance opportunities, there are various aspects to be deliberated.

KPMG in Japan provides full-line services including strategy development, structuring, due diligence and valuation assistance, negotiation, and post transaction integration. We assist our clients in assessing the business models, business risks and associated financial risks of deal targets. We aim to enable clients to win deals and realize value.

  • M&A and alliance strategy development
  • Target selection
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Structuring
  • Valuation assistance
  • Due diligence assistance
  • Post acquisition integration support
  • Business & financial monitoring


Financial Management

Expanding business often face considerable problems finding adequate financing.

KPMG in Japan helps our clients access the financing which helps enable them to implement their business strategy. Our finance planning services include assessment of future cash flow based on the financial needs for construction, M&A, business development, new business start up, corporate restructuring and recovery, etc.

KPMG in Japan advises on among the best financing sources, finance structures and selection of one of the leading business and financial partners. We also provide business and financial monitoring services to support the execution of investment plans.

  • Finance planning
  • Finance structuring
  • Loan/equity sourcing
  • Corporate restructuring & recovery
  • Business & financial monitoring

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