Strategy & Operation

KPMG in Japan works with you to determine how you can best define the operating model that helps your business deliver on its strategy.

KPMG works with you to determine how you can best define the operating model

In order for Japanese companies to remain profitable in the mature domestic market, it is essential that they increase the efficiency of their operations and develop effective business strategies.

The pressure is on companies to re-evaluate everything from procurement processes and supply chains to sales and marketing approaches, while at the same time increasing their global footprint. Although recent years have seen a number of large corporate mergers take place in Japan and overseas, this is still an area in which there is considerable room for improvement in terms of optimizing operations and achieving projected post-merger synergies.

KPMG in Japan draws on its experience, both at home and abroad, to support clients with transforming their businesses and promoting operational efficiencies. Our professionals offer advice on cost-cutting measures and other steps to improve profitability and tailors business acquisition strategy and post-merger integration services to help meet our clients’ particular needs.


  • Business strategy development
  • Alliance strategy development
  • Market entry strategy formulation (market and competitor analysis)
  • Business promotion PMO
  • Post-merger integration (PMI)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Organizational structure development
  • Organization and HR transformation
  • Management structure, organization, and function development
  • Process & Technology

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