Financial Management

Financial management team assists clients with finance reporting, finance function optimization, and finance strategy.

Our team assists clients with finance reporting, optimization, and strategy

As companies accelerate their global expansion while at the same time optimizing their operations and improving their competitiveness, CFOs and finance directors will be required to actively contribute to increasing corporate value.

KPMG in Japan can provide data application and analysis tools to assist local and overseas companies with establishing and managing efficient and effective finance departments that enable the execution of corporate strategy. We can provide services to help improve existing financial and management accounting processes and systems through the accelerated settlement of accounts as well as reviewing and advising on the indices that our clients rely on for management accounting.


  • Financial strategy and transformation
  • Finance department strategy
  • Accounting standards compliance
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Cost optimization
  • Financial management support
  • Management accounting strategy
  • Management index formulation
  • MIS system development support
  • Investment management
  • Cash management
  • Accounting and financial processes optimization
  • Accelerated accounts settlement
  • Accounting process optimization
  • Operating models review

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