Innovating at KPMG

Innovating at KPMG

We can help organizations make better and faster decisions.

Expanding our ability to develop the knowledge and innovative solutions necessary for delivering insight-rich D&A services is one of our foremost strategic priorities. Across industries, we are helping companies solve their business problems, make better and more meaningful business decisions quickly, and create competitive advantage as they turn data into insights into value.

Moving fast to meet clients' needs

In late 2013, we formed KPMG Capital, an investment vehicle for KPMG member firms whose first fund is dedicated to cutting-edge opportunities in the D&A space. Across the global network, we are investing and innovating to add capabilities that clients can access. Within one year, we have made significant inroads throughout the network. Highlights include:

KPMG Capital investments

KPMG Capital took an equity stake in Bottlenose, a company’s whose nascent technology which will bring the rich insights of real-time trend intelligence to help clients make incisive decisions based on the valuable information that real-time data streams provide.

KPMG Capital has made a multi-million dollar investment to develop enhanced data and analytics capabilities for Astrus, KPMG’s proprietary web-based third-party due diligence and monitoring solution.

Customer behavior is brought to life through Customer Compass, KPMG Capital’s recent investment in a technology platform that connects a customer’s interactions with an entity across multichannel touch-points, helping drive cost reduction, customer satisfaction, retention, and cross-sell/up-sell improvements across the customer journey.

Financial Microscope - Financial Microscope allows organizations to more accurately predict the financial stability of their customers and – in doing so – helps strengthen their customer relationships and improve internal decision-making.

Strategic partnerships and alliances with business and academia

The UK firm established a partnership with the McLaren Group to apply McLaren Applied Technologies’ predictive analytics and technology to a range of KPMG client issues.

The UK established a partnership with Chelsea Apps Factory, a firm specializing in mobile enterprise applications – part of the UK’s strategy to foster an eco-system of innovation in D&A, mobile and other technologies.

In partnership with Imperial College London, KPMG in the UK created the KPMG Center for Advanced Business Analytics. The Center will develop innovative approaches, analytic methods and tools for using Big Data.


The US firm acquired Link Analytics, a company that specializes in developing scalable business analytics applications.

KPMG in Australia acquired social media intelligence company SR7 enhance its digital consulting services in such areas as social media risk and mitigation.

The US firm acquired Cynergy, a mobility services business and a leading digital experience company specializing in digital experiences across mobile, web and desktop. This acquisition advances our ability to help businesses integrate digital and mobile technologies across their enterprises, while enhancing customer and employee engagement.

KPMG Global Innovation Hubs

To stimulate continued innovation in D&A, we established the KPMG Insights Labs and Insights Centers.

With locations in the US, the UK and India, KPMG Insight Labs are virtual research-and-development centers where data scientists experiment with D&A applications, incubate ideas and create proofs of concept, while developing consistent technology for use across geographies and functions.

We have also designed and launched state-of-the-art KPMG Insights Centers, collaborative next-generation working environments that enable our clients to interact directly with their data and see solutions come to life in ways they never imagined. We are able to demonstrate to our clients what’s possible with D&A and how our deep business knowledge and approach to D&A can help them address their most critical risk, performance and growth concerns. Locations opening in 2015 include Frankfurt and Hong Kong, with a center planned for London in 2016.

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