Grow your business

Grow your business

It takes deep insight, smart decision-making and a willingness to take advantage of new opportunities. Not surprisingly, data and analytics (D&A) now sits at the top of most organizations’ growth agenda.

The customer should be at the heart of any organization's D&A strategy. Being able to obtain a single view of the customer allows a company to significantly improve the customer experience – which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction and increased growth.

KPMG specialists around the world are helping leading organizations to identify actionable insights that help identify new customer segments, capitalize on emerging market trends and develop new products and services.

Improving customer experiences in the telecom sector

When a leading telecommunications provider wanted to identify ‘signals’ leading to customer dissatisfaction and churn, the organization turned to KPMG in the UK to help them make sense of their transactional and siloed data.

By integrating call data records, external data sources and social media analysis, the KPMG in the UK team quickly identified the key indicators of customer success and demonstrated how customer dissatisfaction and churn data could be used across marketing, customer care, operations and engineering. Ultimately, the insight provided led to measurable improvements in both customer experience and network performance.

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