Enhance your performance

Enhance your performance

Improving and sustaining business performance is always top of mind for business leaders. Yet few have the right insights to make confident decisions about the current and future state of their organization.

D&A plays a critical role in maximizing performance across the extended enterprise. KPMG member firms are helping clients implement analytics in their day-to-day operations in areas such as HR where they are applying analytics to help evaluate applicants’ CVs. Others are using insights from their supply chain to drive costs out of their business and improve overall flexibility.

Case study workforce management 

When one of the world’s largest banking groups was looking for ways to get better value from its branch workforce in the UK, they engaged KPMG in the UK to help them find out which workforce management processes were driving branch performance and customer engagement.

KPMG’s analysis enabled the client to pull together several data sources – branch, people, customer and general financial – to form one coherent story, offering insight into how its people drive business performance. And as a result, the client now has a more balanced picture of its optimal workforce which, in turn, has helped define its standard practices and processes to improve branch performance.

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